The Month Before NYC

Four weeks already? I’m really slacking with this whole posting regularly thing. The week after Willow Hills, I did a similar workout/race at Presidio on Oct. 4, running 3 x 15min tempo intervals before lining up for the punchy Presidio XC course. That race was considerably less fun than Willow Hills, mostly due to the sand hill with newly added logs to hurdle. I finished decently, but was quite spent from the morning. I got in a quality long run the day after though, so that was nice and hit it hard the following weekend (4 x 15 on Friday and 4 x 12 on Saturday) with another decent long run on Sunday. The weeks of Oct. 13 and Oct. 20 saw Koop pushing me pretty hard with 3 workouts each week. I was tired but got it done, although it was made a bit more difficult by the fact that I was in Vancouver the first weekend and down in Ontario, CA for the Mt. SAC XC Invite the second weekend. Getting workouts done away from home is a good way to test one’s will. It wasn’t too hard in Vancouver, what with the beautiful sea wall being right there, but knowing that I had 4 x 15 that I had to do early Saturday morning in Ontario hung over my head for most of the week. I was lucky enough to find a bike path that allowed me to knock it out fairly consistently, and I was immensely relieved once it was over.

10-9-2014 Summit 1

Sunrise Bro Summit for a photoshoot on Oct. 9. (Credit: Unknown Bro, probably Galen or Brett).

As I mentioned earlier, I was down there with my high school team for the Mt. SAC XC Invite. I got to run there once as a senior back in 2002 and the course has stayed largely the same with 3 big, tough hills in the last 2 miles. It was a blast getting to know the kids on the team, and getting to travel with my old coach as well as old teammate/classmate Will who came along as well. I was also reminded of how much fun big high school meets can be. The kids are so excited to be there and check out all of the other teams. By the time you get to college, big meets have become a bit more of the norm and the novelty has worn off for the most part. This year, the team brought both and guys and girls squad, which is great because the guys squad has been on a downswing the past couple years and hopefully this marks the beginning of an uptrend. The girls’ team performed quite well in the tough conditions too and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the post-race dinner Friday night.

2014-10-24 16.44.48

Start of the Girls D5 Sweepstakes Race at Mt. SAC.

This week sees a big step back in the workouts (did 3 x 8mins yesterday and it’s easy runs for the rest of the week), as I’m prepping for the NYC Marathon on Sunday. I’m really, really excited to run this race. I’ve heard great things from friends who have done it before and it’s not an easy course, which I think plays into strength I’ve developed over the past couple weeks working with Koop in this tempo phase. From the outside, while this may seem like a taper, I view it as a kind of half-taper. Yes, I’m running less with less intensity, but I haven’t done any sharpening workouts so it’ll be interested to see how Sunday feels. The goal is to run fast but not put myself into too much of a hole because I need to jump back into training pretty quickly for North Face on Dec. 6. Either way, it’ll be a fun day of racing and I can’t wait to get to the start line. If you’re going to be in NYC this weekend whether running, racing or working, let me know! If you’re not in town, ESPN2 is broadcasting the race live. And my bib is #246 if you’re interested in tracking. We start at 9:40am. Good luck to everyone racing!

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