Don’t call it a comeback

I think I’m coming back. After the last post, I took another week or so off and began running fairly conservatively again. I had one minor setback in that time, obviously (in retrospect) due to trying to go too far too soon, but after a couple days backing off, I was able to resume my steady increase. Since then, my weekly mileage has looked like this: 30, 40, 50 and I’m on pace for something closer to 60 this week. I’ve thrown in a couple of steady state intervals (just 20 minutes per run so far) and while the first one felt rather rough (although that could have been due to the trail I picked), Tuesday’s felt better and I’m hoping that continues today. The goal is to start back in with the VO2 max workouts on Tuesday aka 3 minute intervals for the foreseeable future. So far, my shin is holding up well. I have no pain in the injury site and the main issues right now are simply the normal aches and pains of rising mileage (mainly, tightness on the insides of my shins as well as my calves).

In the meantime, Rachelle and I are driving north to Vancouver on Saturday/Sunday. I fly back to the Bay on Monday afternoon and am rather bummed to be missing the Mt. Tam Hill Climb, but this is the last time I’ll have to see Rachelle off to school since one she’s done next May, she’ll move back down here for good (HOORAY!). But we are hoping to tackle the Grouse Grind either Sunday or Monday, which should be a nice substitute for the hill climb (

Other than that, I’m looking forward to racing some cross country at Golden Gate Park on Sunday, Sept. 13th. But on Saturday, I’ll be participating in my first bike race ever (gasp!). I signed up for the Mt. Tam Hill Climb (which strangely only takes you up to Rock Springs parking lot, so you miss about 500ft of climbing to the actual summit) and am excited to take my runner-on-a-bike status to the next level. I even invested in some clipless pedals and shoes. Link here if you’re so inclined to join me (I’m in the open group, if you couldn’t guess):

One more thing of note is that I’m now officially working with Victory Sportdesign bags The Bear II ( is the only drop bag I’ve ever used and it’s great. It makes organizing and finding stuff a breeze and has huge clear panels so that I can put crazy big letters in them to make identifying my bag that much easier. I highly recommend taking a look at these guys if you haven’t already.

Victory Sportdesign Bear II

I guess I’ll try to update this again after those two races I mentioned above. After that, there will be some more XC races (Garin, Presidio, PA’s) as well as maybe some longer stuff thrown in there. I’m thinking about either the Portland Marathon or Tiburon Half on Oct. 4 and maybe the Skyline to Sea 50k on Oct. 1. Then comes the big goal of the season, the Quad Dipsea, on November 28, followed by one of the races at TNFEC and then Club XC Nationals in Golden Gate Park. For those keeping track of dates, November/December will be full with PA’s, Quad, TNF, and Club Nats 4 weeks in a row. Just the way I like it 🙂

And finally finally, a huge congrats to the Nike Trail folks and SFRC bros for kicking ass in Chamonix at UTMB and CCC this weekend! David Laney 3rd at UTMB, Zach Miller and Tim Tollefson 1/2 at CCC. Fernando for a gutsy performance. DBo, who, contrary to what he says, is not retired. Sean and YiOu, Fernando, and many many others who ran strong over climbs that make my toenails pucker.

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