9 Days to Portugal


As expected, I haven’t raced since the GGP XC Open back in September. However, a lot has happened in that time, as Rachelle and I got married and went on our honeymoon to Maui for 2 weeks. The wedding itself went about as well as it could have and we both had a great time. The honeymoon was a much needed break from real life and we spent most of the time sleeping and relaxing. I tried and bailed on a couple of workouts in the first week, as the heat/humidity proved to be too much for me, so I had to dial it back and was able to complete a couple of modified workouts the second week. It was nice to finish them, at least. I know I didn’t get as much training as I would have had I been at home, but a honeymoon is a pretty rare thing in life and Koop and I agreed that my priorities needed to be not focused on running. You don’t lose much fitness over 2 weeks, anyways, and I was able to do some maintenance work, so I’m not too worried about it. It’s also nice that, like me, Rachelle is a less happy human when she doesn’t exercise, so we were able to coordinate our workout times to accommodate the semi-workouts I ran.


Sunrise at the top of Haleakala

Once we were back, I hit put the pedal down. 3 workouts and a 28 mile long run in the first week back followed by 2 workouts and another 28 mile long run last week. This week is some ever-so-slightly lighter work and the bulk of the taper starts this coming weekend. We’ve got 10 days until the Ultra Trail World Championships and I’m feeling pretty good. Maybe a little undertrained, but that’s what happens when your training cycle runs through your wedding/honeymoon, and I’m completely fine with it. I’d rather be undertrained than overtrained, and I’ve definitely felt fitness gains on my long runs the past 2 weeks (was totally wiped after the first 28miler and felt remarkably OK after the second), so the goal right now is to get to the start line healthy. I’ve done the work. Time to make it pay off.

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