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Runner for Nike Trail Elite, West Valley TC, and Pelican Inn TC. Fueled by Gu and PickyBars. Davidson College. UNC Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler. Sneakerhead.

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  1. wang jiahao says:

    How could foreigner join a training center/club?I’m extremely desperate for opportunity to join a training center/club to improve performance and become athlete.I don’t konw any Financial Support available for a foreigner.
    How could I find flexible job with limited hours in order to train,I would like to work for training center/club.Is there any educational requirements or other qualifications.

    • afvarner says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by join a training center/club… If you simply mean a gym (like 24 Hour Fitness or similar), then you can just go sign up and they usually offer classes as part of the membership fee. You can also inquire about jobs, but each place will have its own requirements in terms of education and experience. I can’t help on finding a flexible job with limited hours. That’s something we’d all like to have 🙂 As for Financial Support available for a foreigner, I don’t think sports clubs/gyms offer discounts for being a foreigner. They want you to pay just like everybody else.

      • wang jiahao says:

        thank you very much for reply and sorry that I didn’t make myself clear.I mean like track club/trainning center which provide support for athletes wishing to continue competitive career in the sport of track & field and road racing.

  2. afvarner says:

    I’m not very familiar with clubs that provide support for athletes, but it seems like you’d first have to earn some results for yourself, or find some sort of youth program (not sure how old you are, but they are generally limited to the fairly young), and then apply/present yourself to the club and hope they are willing to take you on.

  3. wangjiahao says:

    I’m very greatful to you for speaking with me.apologize I abruptly left messages at your website.

  4. From: Austin Bond (austin.bond@yahoo.com) on behalf of James Bond (james@thesawshop.biz):

    Hi, I’m James…..
    I live in Truckee, CA, just a few miles from Squaw Valley and the start of the Western States 100. I’m an outdoor enthusiast and have a great home base for training around Squaw Valley, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the northern Sierra Mountains. I hold a silver buckle from the WS100 and love to hear and share stories of training and racing with people in the ultrarunning and hiking communities. I’m writing to let you and your readers know that I rent out a room at my home through AirBnB that is perfect for getting to training runs or during race week at WS100. I have a good knowledge of the area and can help you with your preparations for the race, or just general training and sightseeing……. See my reviews on my AirBnB page: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/4568356 I would love to host trail runners and hikers looking to experience this wonderful area.
    Thank you for helping me get the word out.
    James Bond (yes, that’s really my name)

  5. Yann says:

    Hi Alex,

    I am a french journalist, covering IAU Trail Running World Championship. Could you confirm that you are gonna race in Annecy ?

    Best !!

    See u,


    • afvarner says:

      Yes, I will be racing there! Looking forward to it.

      • Yann says:

        Great !! The track is very nice, very tough, and the start list is ‘exciting’ with Hernando, Merillas, Heras, you, Alex Nichols, Tom Owens, the french team… and 170 other guys from 39 countries. See you there Alex !!

      • afvarner says:

        excellent. can’t wait!

  6. Angie says:

    Hi Alex. I know you are a star on the Dipsea trails. I am looking to improve my performance. Just did the double this past Saturday with regular time of 3:39. Would love any input you can provide on how to get better on the hills. Especially on the return! Thx

    • afvarner says:

      Hey Angie,

      Congrats on completing the Double! That’s no easy feat, as most know 🙂

      As for improving your hills, there’s no substitute for simply running more hills. I like to do different types of intervals on them. I’ll run workouts like 6-10 x 3-minute uphills at basically all-out effort (starting with 6 earlier in the training cycle and then working my way up to 10 intervals) w/ 3min jog rest. I’ll also incorporate 3-4 x longer intervals (start with 5-6 minutes and work your way up to 10-15 minutes). Also, running hilly routes on tired legs (like the day after a workout or a long run) is a great way to get used to slogging up a climb when you’re already tired.

      Hope you’re recovering well!

      • afuntanilla says:

        alex – thanks so much for your comments. really appreciate it!! what’s your next race?

      • afvarner says:

        A mile road race in downtown San Rafael then headlands 50k.

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